Kylie Akins

Human Trafficking in Charlotte

Earlier this year, I was saddened to learn that my new home state, North Carolina, was consistently ranked in the top ten U.S. states struggling with domestic and international human trafficking (Polaris Project). And knowing that people were being trafficked in Charlotte, especially young women caught in the sex trade, led me to feel called to do something about it. Since then, I have worked with nonprofit Silent Images to create a short video to educate people on Charlotte’s trafficking crisis and recently had an article published with the online publication Charlotte Viewpoint. My involvement and passion only deepened as I spent more time with and developed a friendship with Neet Childs, a former Charlotte trafficking victim and a dedicated, brave advocate for those still trapped in human trafficking. She owns her own bakery now, Neet’s Sweets, and uses it to employ women trying to escape the sex trade and also as a platform to speak up for these voiceless residents.
I’m sure these two projects are only the beginning of my work as an advocate for the abused and neglected, and I hope you will spend a few minutes learning about the human trafficking crisis happening not only throughout the world but also across the U.S.

Charlotte Viewpoint – What can stop human trafficking in Charlotte?


Silent Images – Human Trafficking in Charlotte Video


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