Kylie Akins

The Jazz Room Concert Series

Once again, working with Lonnie Davis of Jazz Arts Initiative  has been a great reminder of why I love covering concerts. I had forgotten how beautiful musical instruments can be: how they sound, how they look, how they smell. There’s just something magical about the soft swish of the drum brush,  the wooden curves of the upright bass, a hauntingly sweet piano chord. On Tuesday night, every seat in the intimate venue was filled to hear beautiful jazz by talented musicians Chad Lawson, Ron Brendle and Ocie Davis at the Stage Door Theater in uptown Charlotte. If you’re in the area, learn more about monthly The Jazz Room summer series.

Edit_MG_7438 (web)

Edit_MG_7480 copy (web)

Edit_MG_7338 copy (web)

Edit_MG_7437 copy (web)

Edit_MG_7286 copy (web)

Edit Jazz Combo (web)

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