Kylie Akins

The Jazz Room Session 4: Tim Gordon

July’s The Jazz Room featured the very talented saxophonist Tim Gordon playing the music of Dexter Gordon, with accompanying artists Elisa Pruet, Brian Sullivan and Mark Stallings. They were a lively bunch who filled the sold-out room with an infectious easy-going atmosphere and shared plenty of laughs with the audience. They even surprised the evening’s patrons with an unannounced guest musician, trumpeter Jon Thorton. Learn more about The Jazz Room’s host, Jazz Arts Initiative, and get your tickets before the next one:

Final-5323 copy (web)

Final-5181 copy (web)

Final-4714 web

Final-5259 copy (web)

Final-4816 copy (web)Final-5350 copy (web)

Final-5288 copy (web)

Final-4740 copy (web)Final-4795 copy (web)

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